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My work is born out of my oldest urge to stay wild & to connect with plants and animals, to find the Great Mother and retrace our ancient origin. It breathes my profound love of nature, her transformative powers and cyclical rhythms that work within and without.

I embrace a deeply Animistic experience of the world, wherein all living creatures, entities and spirits – our much older siblings – all are bound by a covenant of reciprocity. I root myself into connection through my body, the communion with the land I live on and the ancestral spirits that surround me. Iā€™m weaving shamanism & ceremony, cyclical living, womens work, craeft & herbal medicine into the fabric of my daily life. Blood, bone, brush, wool, ink and drum are my vehicle.

In exploring the old ways of ancient Europe & reclaiming the Dark and Wise Feminine I find meaning and wisdom that I want to share. The abundant inspiration I incorporate in my art, classes and the ancient craft of spinning, weaving, felting and natural dyeing of wool and historical textiles. So through my work I intend to create and hold space for (re)connection with the wise Earth, our own wild core and all Our Relations.


Dajana Heremic

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