Felted Wool Collars

A felted collar is a meaningful piece of ancient craft, a majestic piece of garment that connects our modern day life to nature, history and animism. Strictly cruelty free slow fashion made by hand to make you feel centered, strong, wild yet graceful, beautiful and warm. No two sheep are the same, that makes each collar a unique, one of a kind piece of wearable art.

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Fine Art

Illustrations, paintings, photography and prints – symbolic images steeped with myth, magic, nature and the passing of time, in which animals and gods tell the story of our ancient past. Writings deeply rooted in my European spiritual heritage of magic and healing, folklore & mythology, animism, shamanism and worship of the Wild and Dark Goddess.

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Wild Wool Weavings

By sheering sheep and using the earthy native colors and wild texture of the fleece, I create archaic and spiritual clothing and objects that are strictly vegetarian and animal friendly. Deep meaning & inspiration gathered from nature and the old ways I incorporate in my art, magic and womens craeft such as spinning, weaving and natural dyeing of wool and historical textiles.

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