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Crossing & engaging with the Other

My deeply animistic view of the world is rooted in the recognition of our kinship with the Wild that is full of Persons – both human and other-then-human. Experiencing kinship with all of Nature brings me out of  human-centric thinking – into a primordial & true sense of belonging and being at home in the wide community of the Living Earth. This deep ecology is intimate, holistic and relational. Here both soul and matter, life and death belong together and darkness is not rejected. Animism and this rekindling of a symbiotic relationship, rather than  just a phylosofy, is a deeply sensual practice and embodyment interwoven with our everyday.

Hedgeriding is a folk name for stepping out of the day-to-day, orderly human experience and reconnecting with the intangible world whereby you develop and use your sixth sense.


Rooted in prehistoric shamanism & ancient heathen traditions, folk magic, traditional witchcraft and other pagan heritage, Hedgeriding is an occult (veiled) practice of essentially crossing the boundaries of the physical world to explore other realities. Here you can meet ancestors, spirits of plants and place, spirit animals and other entities with whom you can build a relationship and alliance to gain deeper awareness & understanding. This animistic and ecocentric work includes (trance induced) journeying, clairvoyance and divination; dreams; cleansing; shapeshifting; spirits, ancestors and death; but also seasonal celebrations, ceremony and rites of passage, magical craefts and ritual instruments.

Animism is the ground for my physical and magical existance, in which hedgeriding for me is a significant practice. Gatherings, classes and practices within these themes/matters are in developement. More information will follow.


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