“Hibernia” is a knitted stole, toga or cloak made with the handspun and partially naturally dyed wool of the Drenthe Heath sheep, Bosnian sheep and Alpaca. Made for ritual purposes as well as casual wear: for keeping you elegantly warm and wildly majestic, indoors and outdoors. Wool holds the body temperature perfectly, yet breathes and thus ventilates. Suitable for all types of weather, especially the colder seasons. To drape over your outfit as a cloak or to be worn with a belt as part of your dress.

Named after the winter sleep of the bear, and literally meaning ‘Winter Land’ (as the Romans called Ireland), ‘she’ is made to bring you strength, warmth and wisdom. Suitable for every day wear, but also outstanding for ritual, magic, reenactment as well as larp. This large and unique piece is suitable for both men and women.

Designed and handmade by Dajana Heremic

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