Felted Collars

Wether it is a small or a large felt collar, it is a majestic piece of garment. Made to make you feel centered, strong, wild yet graceful, beautiful and warm. Inspired by archeological findings, folklore & mythology and my passion for historical reenactment, I create archaic fur clothing and garments that are strictly vegetarian and animal friendly.

No two sheep are the same – especially the Drenthe Heath Sheep and the Schoonebeker that I work with have a great variety of natural colour and appearance, which I just love – so no two collars are the same! That makes each collar unique, a one of a kind piece.

Felting is an ancient craft – applied thousands of years ago to make tents, rugs and clothing – basically using only wool, warm water, soap and muscle power. Through the whole process the collar is unfolding into it’s new shape, becoming the beautiful piece or garment you fall in love with. This ancient technique requires time and the collar will eventually take it’s true form, volume, wildness, smell and touch while in your hands. So you are a key element in it’s story: on your shoulders it’ll take it’s ultimate form and become yours.


Wyched Wombe

Autumn 2019

Our Lady of the Dark Country

Summer 2019

Mother Night

Winter 2018


Autumn 2018

Spring Equinox

Spring 2018

Summer Solstice

Summer 2018


Autumn 2017

Online Course |

Raw Fleece Felting

If you’ve always wanted to learn about the craeft of wild wool felting &  how to make your own felted collar: I will teach you all about it! Through the course of a year Thomas Grootoonk and I have filmed an intimate story of the shepherd and the flock, the ancient history of wool and felting & the thread that binds sheep and (wo)mankind. You’ll learn about the qualities of the beautiful fiber, how to choose the right fleece and felt different, animal friendly wild wool pieces! Join me in this complete Masterclass to aquire the craft of wool felting – truly from the source to the end. 



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